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“It takes a little more time to get into the role, but not very much more. In making a record you don't have the sense of projection over a distance as in an opera house. We have this microphone and this magnifies all details of a performance, all exaggerations. In the theater, you can get away with a very large, very grand phrase. For the microphone, you have to tone it down. It's the same as making a film, your gestures will be seen in close-up, so they cannot be exaggerated as they would be in a theater.” Maria Callas

Art is a form of transcendence.... a need.... a way of being and a reason to be... Singing has always been my inner harmony, my absolute journey to the world, and my way to express and share emotion. Dearest visitor, here you can find my biography, as well as information about my repertoire and performances. You will also be able to view photographs and video-clips from my performances. Feel free to contact me if you need further information. Enjoy your visit!

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